REPORT: The “Full Grassley” 99 county tour should be renamed the “Fake Grassley”

Progress Iowa conducted in-depth research detailing Senator Chuck Grassley’s public meetings since 2011. What we discovered is that Senator Grassley has not held an open public event as part of his annual 99 county tour in nearly all of the state’s major population centers, including no public meetings in Polk, Linn, or 8 of Iowa’s most populous 10 counties.

The findings are shocking – Senator Grassley has consistently avoided hearing from the open public in Iowa’s largest counties. His 99 county tour, often referred to as the ‘Full Grassley’ would be more aptly named the ‘Fake Grassley.’ Click here to read the full research report, and share this research to help de-bunk the myth of Senator Grassley’s 99 county tour.

Turns out @ChuckGrassley’s “Full Grassley” tour isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… –> #FakeGrassley #iasen

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Senator Grassley has consistently avoided public meetings in Iowa’s largest counties and in places where constituents are more likely to disagree with him. Share the research and help us Debunk the Myth of the “Full Grassley.”


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Ask @ChuckGrassley why he’s avoiding Iowans, especially those who disagree with him >> #FakeGrassley #iasen

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The majority of Grassley’s 99 county tour meetings are not open to the public (Senator Grassley held just 15 open to the public town meetings in 2017). Some events are tours of businesses, some are speeches at schools and some are private meetings with organizations. More than half of Grassley’s events since 2011 have been private, not the public hall Q&A forums we often read about and that Senator Grassley often references. Read the full research report below.

REPORT: The ‘Fake Grassley’ by ProgressIowa: